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We have been helping to bring the dreams of our clients’ to life since 2013. At the core of our service is to understand, in exact detail, what the wishes are. This journey will involve as many meetings, either face to face or online, as required and once it is confirmed we are on the same page we will instruct and co ordinate local artisans and professionals to deliver a truly tailor made and unique event.


We offer two core services.

For both Galle Events aims to respect and honour the fact that we are all different. No two events are the same and whilst occasionally there are similarities due to the chosen parameters we do our best to design and curate a truly unique event.

Depending on budget, style, numbers and location we will bring together local suppliers and crafts men and women to turn your wishes into reality. Given sufficient time everything can be made using sustainable materials and limiting footprint to ensure that your wedding not only provides a life time of wonderful memories but also one that contributes to the local community and ‘shares the love’.

We start with an initial consultation that will guide us appropriately.          

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Every introductory conversation leads to bouncing energy, numerous ideas and creative plans. This no-obligation conversation can be the start of a great collaboration!


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